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I've been debating on specs for a new gaming pc for a few days now and I need some help on a decision. Would it be better to get an Intel Core i7 950 processor with a single 6870 gpu, or an AMD Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition with Dual 6870's. Both are roughly the same price build (diffrence of approx. $40 usd.) The monitor will be a 32" LCD HDTV(1920x1080i). Any other suggestions on builds or ideas are definately welcome.
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  1. The AM3 one will be much more powerful in gaming and just as good in the usual things, slower in video encoding and such (if you do that).

    If you want Intel you can get the I5 750/760 + a SLI/CF 1156 mobo and two HD 6850 for about the same price.


    Where do you plan to buy your stuff from?
  2. If your looking for a Gaming CPU don't get the i7. Your choices are the i5 760 and the Phenom II 955. There is no point to the i7 unless your running more then 2 cards as the extra PCIe lanes from X58 will help.
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