Any news on th asus mars ii???

anyone have any new news on that asus mars ii that was sapost to be a single card with 2 full fledged 480s on it??

a few months ago pics started popping up of just the board with its 3 8 pin connectors.

could this be the ati 6000 series competition??
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  1. Considering it will likely cost about $1500 I don't think it will be "competing" with anything.
  2. The Mars will be in a different league both for performance and price. It will be far to expensive to compete against the 6000 or any other cards.
  3. they may also be guaging how well the area does before producing such a card. I mean the ares is awsome but the question is will people pay the pemium over simply sliing 2 480's or in the ares case basically 2 5870 on one board .. would it be cool, yes, question is would there be a big enough market
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