HELP! first build, CPU heat sink doesn't fit?

im not really sure how to explain this, this is my first build and i received all of my parts in today and started following this assembly guide:

all was going well until i got to to installing the heat sink, i didnt order an aftermarket heat sink either. it is the heat sink that came with my CPU

for reference my motherboard is an asus M74A785TD-V, and i am the heat sink came with my phenom II X4 3.2 ghz cpu.

to describe simply the retension arms will not reach the motherboard.

will someone please tell me if i have done something wrong.
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  1. Did you lock the CPU lever after installing it?

    Lift the arm with the HSF latch and fix the other part in the notch. Lower the part with the latch and fix that too. Flip the latch until it's secured.

    LE, that's old, this video is better
  2. well alright then, i just didnt think i would really have to apply force to it.
  3. another question, i have 4 ram slots on my mobo, only two ram sticks, which slots should i be putting the sticks into, or does it matter?
  4. read the mobo manual.
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