Need help with bios basics for adjusting CPU settings

Hi guys,
I'd like to thank anyone who responds in advance. I'm really up to my ears in problems with this computer. Here's the specs and what I'm trying to do.

Asus M3a32 MVP Deluxe Just updated bios to 2202 successfully
AMD Phenom Deneb 955 Black Edition
750 watt power supply
elpida 1gig pc2 6400 ebe10ue8acwa (4 gigs total) I can recheck on the ram.. I was just typing the serial number i saw on the sticker and got lazy. Don't know what info is necc.
geforce9600gt Video Card

At any rate, when I started the computer, it said that it deteced a new CPU and it needed me to update my settings. I was told to do so in BIOS but, I went to CPU settings and couldn't find any place to adjust anything like voltage, memory, or multiplier.

I don't know what I'm talking about really, and I've just read this stuff in research. I need someone to help me in adjusting the bios settings. I do know that the quiet mode is disabled. ( i forget what its called)

So here's some info I gathered on other forums.
Stock core speed 3.2 ghz
1.344 core voltage
clock multiplier 16
ht link 2.0 ghz
cpu frequency 200

I don't know if that information is exactly correct but I think it is?

Are there any programs in vista 32 bit that I can get to adjust settings.
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  1. So, I figured out how to adjust the settings, now I just need to know some differences. Here is what I have going on now. (I adjusted a few things here and there)

    CPU Configuration
    Module Version 13.50
    AGESA Version
    AMD Phenom (tm) II X4 955 Processor
    Revision C3
    Cache L1: 512 KB
    Cache L2: 2048 KB
    Cache L3 6144 KB
    Speed 3200Mhz NB Clk 2000mhz
    Able to change frequency : Yes
    uCode Patch Level: 0x10000C8
    Security Virtual Machine Mode [Enabled]
    AMD Cool 'n' Quiet Function [Disabled]
    ACPI SRAT Table [Enabled]
    C1E Support [Disabled]
    CPU Prefetching [Enabled]
    IO Prefetching [Enabled]
    Procesor Downcore [Disabled]
    AMD Live! [Disabled]
    AI Overclocking [Manual]
    FSB Frequency [200]
    PCI E Frequency [100]
    Processor Frequency Multiplier [16.00x]
    Processor-NB Frequency Multipl [AUTO]
    CPU-NB HT Link Speed [2.0 GHZ]
    **Please key in voltage number directly**
    Processor Voltage [1.3500]
    Processor NB- Voltage [Auto]
    DDR Voltage [Auto]
    Northbridge Voltage [Auto]
    Southbridge Voltage [Auto]
    CPU VDDA Voltage [Auto]
    Auto Xpress [Auto]
    CPU Tweak [Enabled]
    Memory confiuration (did not go into)
    Dram timing configureation (did not go into)
    PLL1 Spread Spectrum [Disabled]
    PLL2 Spread Spectrum [Disabled]
    AI Clock Skew for Channel A [Auto]
    Current Clock Skew Advance 300ps
    AI Clock Skew for Channel B [Auto]
    Current Clock Skew Advance 300ps

    What I'm wondering is, should I change the Processor NB-Voltage to 1.35 also? Should I also adjust the northbridge and south bridge voltage? Are there any other values I should change?

    I ran SpeedFan 4.42
    GPU: 49C
    Temp 1: 42C
    Temp 2: 34C
    Temp 3: 43C
    Core: 43C

    Vcore1 1.34V
    Vcore2 3.30V
    +3.3V 0.00V
    +5V 5.05V
    12V 11.90V
    -12V -16.97V
    -5v -8.78V
    +5V 6.85V
    Vbat 3.28V
  2. resevil83 said:
    So, I figured out how to adjust the settings, now I just need to know some differences. Here is what I have going on now. (I adjusted a few things here and there)

    If you do not know why you want to change something, do not change it.

    Go into the BIOS. On the main screen you should see something like "Restore BIOS to factory defaults". Save and reboot. The next time your system boots, your system should automatically make all the system changes it needs.
  3. Well, here's the issue with that... The computer told me to change the settings and I was told not to run defaults/auto's in bios. Tech person at the store told me that it isn't very good because sometimes the bios defaults don't get the values right. I want to run the stock values to make it work optimally.
  4. Usually the only thing the motherboard doesn't get right when set to factory defaults, is sometimes the memory voltage.
  5. +1 jsc

    Look you are asking for advice and now you want to argue with people who have forgotten more than you know? And then you say something like "duh, the tech at store told mo not to do dat".

    If you want to listen, then do so. If you want to tell him how smart your friend at a pc store is, then lets move on.

    The issue is the people here cant figure out what dumb things you people do to your systems. So we start you at the beginning soo we can HELP. But hey smarty with the busted PC, if you know so much lets see you make it work. Oh yeah, you already messed it up... 2 strikes against you...
  6. enable cool and quiet. enable amd live!
    You have a BE meaning your multi is unlocked.
    set the CPU VDDA Voltage to manual.
    set the Processor Voltage to 1.425v.
    Keep setting the Processor Frequency Multiplier higher untill windows fails to boot or gives you a blue screen, but they system still posts into the bios.
    After you find that multiplier then drop it 2 multipliers down from the one it blue-screened on. check your cpu temps in the bios and make sure they stay below 58C, with under 52C being ideal. If they are too high then drop the voltage to 1.4v, and the multi down by one.
    The multiplier will increase the speed by 200mhz, so going from 16x to 17x will give you a extra 200mhz. If you say get to 21 and then blue-screen then drop it to 19x you have a extra 600 mhz.
    Do not go above 1.425v, 1.4v might be better for temps you will have to try it.
    If you are running windows 7 you might want to download and install amd live!, its for media/pictures, nothing really important.
  7. vvhocare5 and jsc... Normally, I would agree with you guys and face palm, but I'd like to say some things. First off, thank you very much needs4speeds and geekapproved.

    I am not saying I'm smart, nor do I say that the computer was broken. I didn't want to give the entire story because it was all extraneous information. Unless, you guys want more details... I should have asked which setting was absolutely necessary to change and which ones I can leave alone, but again I was told that it was a good idea to change out the voltages and some other things (which I can't remember) I'm sure you would agree.

    Just because I'm new to this, doesn't mean that the computer will run fine on stock settings. If you don't want to help, that's cool. If you could re-read my bios and lend a helping hand that's cool too. Or let me know what settings are exactly crucial to adjust.

    If you came and asked me how to change out brakes on a car, I wouldn't just tell you to take off the wheel and put on new pads, I'd be a bit more in-depth than that. You have to remember everyone starts somewhere. Sometimes when I get annoyed on questions, if I know a post that answers there question exactly I'll refer to it. Or maybe a guide? I haven't found a sticky on how to adjust bios settings so your cpu can run optimally with out over clocking it.
  8. oh and vvhocare, you could be a bit more nice. I have fixed many computers and built a couple here and there. I have just never messed with a computers cpu settings, because I've never had to until now. So, I'm sure that you must know more than I do at the moment, but I am in school for it right now and will know a good amount of info in 5 months. I am willing to read guides-books to learn, or posts for that matter. If you don't have anything positive to add, why waste your time?
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