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Samsung SSD 830 disappearing from time to time

Last response: in Storage
February 4, 2013 4:45:55 PM

Hey guys,
I have the 830 SSD from samsung. The problem is sometimes it can't be seen by BIOS.
Here's how i use the system.
- SSD has windows 7 installed and is primary boot selection
- WD HDD is a storage drive and also has windows XP system, that i use for music recording, playing guitar and so on...
When i use the computer for work or gaming i just start it up and let the SSD run w7, as it's set up as a priority in BIOS. When i want XP i enter BIOS and set the HDD to run as the first choice boot drive.
BUT, the problem is:
Every now and then (3 times out of 5) the XP on HDD runs by itself without changing BIOS settings. When i enter the BIOS then it can't see the SSD at all, like it was never there. So i figure, it puts HDD on top of priority list automatically, since SSD is not visable. When i restart usually it gets back, but i need to set the priority again.
Why does the SSD disappear? What's wrong? Is it the conflict between SSD and HDD (7 and XP), or is there something wrong with the SSD? I read somewhere, that it might be the controller thing. Is there a way to fix it? It's so annoying. I had it sent to the support service, but they said they tested it and everything was fine. I tried to get an update on the firmware, but there was no update available, so i guess it's up to date.
Anybody could help?
August 2, 2013 9:14:52 PM

I am having a similar problem, though i am only running one operating system (ive heard that trying to run multiple OS's can.cause this, especially XP. [Windows hates other operating systems, including itself apparently] ) my ssd disappears completely, and im having trouble back, especially because my win 7 is ON the SSD. The problem seems to be directly linked to bit comet, whenever i try to do.anything with bit comet, even try to.move the program folder off the ssd, this problems happens. It is hell. Please if you figure anything out in this regard, keepme posted. Start by checking toms hardware info.on fixing this problem, i doubt it has the answer for.either of us, but itll point you in the.right dorection. it.looks like i am gonna have to.some command prompt stuff, seems promising so far. Good luck..