My motherboard P8Z68-V Pro wont detect my video card

I have just finish my computer build. I have the P8Z68-V Pro MB and a Power Color 6870HD DDR5 1GB video card in. I do not know why, but it is not detecting the video card at all. I went into the device manager>display adapter and it only shows "Standard VGA Graphics Adapter". I dont know what to do. My Bios is really fancy so I am not sure how to enable or look for the card through that.
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  1. Well, since you can get into windows and see device manager that means it is being detected, and is working.

    The next thing you are going to have to do is either install the drivers from the CD that came with the card, or download them from ATI's website.

    Once you install the drivers, the card will show up correctly named in device manager.
  2. How can it detect your video card if you have not even installed the drivers for the video card?
    Did you think your motherboard was psychic?
  3. geekapproved said:
    How can it detect your video card if you have not even installed the drivers for the video card?
    Did you think your motherboard was psychic?

    I installed the drivers for my card, that is the first thing I did and still nothing. And also itzdanielp, I am able to see the device manager through the onboard video card not my Radeon. Everytime I plug the Dvi cable into the Radeon card I get a black screen. The fans spin on my Radeon and everything but its not being detected. Also even if I didnt install the drivers yet wouldnt I be able to see that there is a device in the PCI_E 1 slot on my bois? There is nothing there. I have switched it to the PCI_E 2 slot and still nothing.
  4. Did you change the settings in the BIOS to recognize a PEG GPU instead of the IGPU?
  5. I consulted my MB Manual and the options "I think" I have are to go into system agent configuration>Initiate Graphic Adapter and the options for that are: PCIE/PCI or iGPU or PCI/iGPU or PCI/PCIE. Then below that drop down menu there is iGPU Memory, Render Standy, iGPU Multi-Moniter.
  6. The setting you want is PCIE/PCI
  7. I defaults to that, Do you think I should try another card? Problem with that though is being able to afford another one...
  8. Did you plug in both 6-pin power cables from the power supply to the video card??

    Does device manager recognize your monitor by make and model or is that listed as generic too?
  9. So......
  10. Ding ding ding, I think we have a winner folks. OP failed to read manual.
  11. I have same problem whit my Asus P8Z68-V Pro. I have tried 1000 solutions on internet. Last choise I think will do it is: Change my "power supply". (as I tough all along)
    Its only a 620W power supply. And my Asus GTX 560 1G card minimum Req is 500W, so think thats it.

    But whats strange is:
    Card worked at start, first times I restarded my computer. Then it suddenly wont work anymore.
    Total blackness from I start my computer. Only integrated intel card works.
    And I install another, even more new drivers from Wont work now either.
    I restart and switch slots inside computer etc.

    And suddenly it works during Bios and Dos mode. And becomes blackness when windows log in screen arrives.

    So it works now and then, but mostly not. So I need to buy new Power Supply =) Got to be it. Check that out my friend.

    And yes, both 6pin cable is in. Card gets 2 green lights from 2 orange lights when I do. So that works. And both fans works to.
    Bios is PCIe/ ..... etc...all is correct exept Power Supply.

    And now I formated PC, and installed Windows 7 Ultimate. Still blackness.

    But now I cant even install graphic drivers anymore after I done windows 7 install. Had Vista before. So thats a new problem :P How to fix that, I dont know?? And yes, I downloaded new drivers for windows 7 32bit :p Said it cannot find any graphic card to support or something. Even its working and plugged in. Perhaps it will be auto detect when I get new Power Supply :)

    Cheers, Tommy M
  12. geekapproved said:

    That wasnt it, it happen to be that the card was DOA, no need to be a jerk when someone needs help. thanx anyway.
  13. I had the same issue as OP.

    Confirmed power/fan blowing on the AMD R9 290X card
    PCI-E Card wouldnt detect; onboard always fired up
    Installed drivers on CD and from the web
    Could not find the option in BIOS to disable default onboard video from loading (suspect it's set to auto anyway).
    Old GTX 560 card works fine with no issue
    Reformatted system and loaded all drivers
    Purchased a new PSU to upgrade from 520W to 850W

    Taking the card back tomorrow as it appears to be DOA. Feels bad man
  14. Try updating the motherboard's BIOS, if newer version available.
  15. alexoiu said:
    Try updating the motherboard's BIOS, if newer version available.

    I didn't bother trying to mess with the BIOS. I took the card back to the store and got a GeForce 780 instead. The Nvidia card worked immediately after installing.
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