Unable to create a bootable USB drive with Samsung Magician Tool

Good day every one, so glad to join you in this community :)

First of all, i just want to let you know, the people running on Samsung SSDs, that the new version of the well-known "Magician Tool" (v4.0) and "Data Migration Software" (v1.2) have been released and are available for download :
*Release notes also available on the same page. Unfortunately, no new firmware update yet but expected to be released soon, hopefully it will bring fixes to any possible issues the end-user may encounter.

Secondly, i have recently bought this new SSD from Samsung, the 840 Pro 256GB model, did a secure erase successfully (thanks to PartedMagic) and now i'm attempting to update its firmware -using a DOS-USB drive created by Magician Tool- before loading a clean installation of Windows 8 into it.
The problem is, when i come to create the bootable USB stick, i get the error shown in this screenshot :

"Failed to copy DOS Application. Please check that the USB drive is connected and is not full."

Already tried these solutions:
#1 using different pendrives in different USB ports
#2 running the tool from both Windows 7 and 8 (with and without admin rights/compatibility mode)
#3 uninstalling and installing the tool from Samsung website rather than the version that comes in CD, but i guess they are the same, huh :/
#4 performing manual format to the USB drive
#5 disabling all application/processes that may interfere with the tool and/or get access to the drive
#6 trying again and again...

but nothing seems to work.. ZERO! even Magician v4.0 gives the same error :(
Now i'm unable to update my FW, the bootable USB is my only option, i don't know if i'm the only person having this weird problem, but i really hope that someone could help me to solve it, i'll be very grateful!

Also i have few questions in my mind about SSDs... In case i gave up and decided to use the SSD without performing any Fw update, is it recommended to disable the pagefile (or at least set it to 250MB, for memory dump), obviously to save some valuable space? my laptop is shipped with 8GB of RAM.. because, AFAIK, there are programs that check the pagefile first before proceeding with their installation.

Also how much space do i have to leave for over-provisioning? Samsung recommends 7~10% and some experts say 20% , so which one is the minimum recommended space in order to push the SSD to its maximum performance?
Last question, i already know that SSDs must not get defragmented, but what about partitioning? is it true it's best to leave one single than having multiple partitions?

Thanks in advance for replying my questions :)

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  1. Update: i'm still unable to create a bootable media to update the firmware, Samsung support center didn't provide any working solution, so... up up
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    Idonno said on another thread:
    One thing that stands out is magician is incompatible with GPT partitioned disks, you need to use MBR.
    Anyway this thread may help:

    Reference Thread (his 3rd post from the top):
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