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Does the Radeon HD 5500 Series support DDC communication?
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  1. DCC? could you explain more?
  2. Thank you. I just bought a LaCie 324 monitor with BlueEye Pro calibration device. I am running Windows 7(64 bit) with an ATI Radeon 5500 series video card. The BlueEye should run automatically but does not. LaCie tech support said there is likely no DDC communication between the monitor and computer and that whatever video card I use 'must support DDC communication'. I was told by the monitor vendor that this graphics card may not be adequate - may need the 5750. So before buying anything more I would like to know a)do you know how I can find out if the Radeon HD 5500 Series supports DDC communication?, b)could the problem be a Windows 7 issue? (I have downloaded all the latest from ATI site). Thanks.
  3. Display data channel has been around for awhile. I find it hard to believe that ATI didn't include it in the HD 5500. Yet I could not find anything to support that fact, nor could I find anything that said it wasn't supported.
    I'd make sure the latest drivers were installed before I purchased a new graphics card. (see below) Since prices are down on the 57 series I'd go with a 5770. (1gb)
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