Conveniently upgradable MOBO unheard of?

I'm looking at the 2600k and Asus P8P67 pro, this combo would run me around $600, and I would have to wait a couple years to upgrade to 32 gigs of ram when more practical.


The x79 and Core i7-3930K is looking really sexy, and with 8 dimm slots I can get away with 32 gigs, 8 x 4gb.
Intel says November for this cpu chip and Mobo, and this combo will likely be around $1100, estimating the mobo will be around $500.

Should I wait? These new chips may OC well above 5gz with the new technology, and of course an extra 2 cores with HT.

I also heard speculation of an 8 core of the Sandy E, you mentioned this leap wouldn't be beneficial, and I don't see an 8 core listed here:

Would love your thoughts, and if you think performance factor will be worth an extra 600 dollars.!
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  1. What are you going to be doing that 32GB or RAM is necessary?

    Most people can't tell any difference once they go above 6 or 8 GB.... so unless you are running a *bunch* of VM's you won't even tough the 32GB
  2. I use music software that can use up to 128 gigs to ram and 12 cores.
  3. I work in a professional Recording Studio.

    We had Pro Tools running with 118 tracks and at least 5 plugins per track and we weren't using more than 6 GB. or 6 of our 8 Cores.

    There is no way in *** that you are using that much memory, and if you are you are doing something very wrong.
  4. No, those are audio tracks.
    Tell your studio to install East West Hollywood strings, load up 118 samples and try and run them. You will need 50+ gigs of ram, and probably have bottle necks so you would need a slave anyways.

    Any film scoring template will absolutely eat up a recording session, most engineers won't fathom or believe this, unless it's the engineers at Native Instruments, Vienna, East West, etc.

    Also, Pro Tools can't use more than 4 gigs of ram, or a little more, so if the studios computer is using all 6 gigs of ram then it's happening outside of Pro Tools.
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