Using Old HDD But Keeping Its Data

Hi there, quick question:

If it were to connect my old HDD to my new computer, would all the data on it be safe and accessible on the new PC? I can back some stuff up, but its about 300gb, so I cannot get them all.

Also just to point out that this HDD is separate from the OS/Programs HDD, meaning it just has files like music, photos, etc on it.

I just want to make sure, before I go ahead and do it :P

Thanks :)
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  1. Yes. It may see it as a foreign disk, but if this happens, it's easy to fix in disk management.
  2. Yes, you should be able to put an old HDD into a different computer and use it as a storage drive and/or to backup stuff or pretty much whatever else you want to do with it. Just remember to put the drive in while the computer is powered down; I've heard of some power supplies acting badly when you put connect an internal hard drive while the computer is powered on.
  3. Cool cool!

    Cheers guys, that's what I was hoping for :)
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