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Hello, I have a vertex 4 ssd drive as my main drive and a hdd raptor wd as my backup drive , I just formatted my drives and installed a fresh windows 7 ultimate 64bit on the ssd one. but my raptor isn't showing in my computer at all. only showing in bios and when I go to my computer then properties and hardware I see it there.please help me its driving my crazy . thank you

my hardware also is a rampage 3 motherboard , 5970 sapphire 4gb video card, 12gbs of ram... thanks
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  1. Go into Disk Management and see if it's there. If it is, right-click and choose "Change Drive Letter & Paths", click "Add", choose a letter, then click 'OK'.
  2. Oh ok ill try that , how do I get to disk management ? Thank you
  3. Hi,

    It really should have showed up if you formatted it already.

    Hopefully the Disk Management method works, if NOT then we'll troubleshoot further. For example, perhaps you need to install some drivers.

    Whenever you install Windows you need to install these drivers from the MOTHERBOARD's support site:
    a) main Chipset drive (sometimes called "INF")
    b) other relevent drivers (read the descriptions)
    c) Video drivers (in your case from as you likely know)

    a) Go into "Device Manager" and make sure there aren't any issues (exclamation marks) that may mean missing drivers
    b) run MEMTEST if you haven't done so
    c) possibly update the motherboard BIOS
    d) make a periodic IMAGE BACKUP of Windows to your hard drive (WD's Acronis True Image Free software)

    e) *Update the SSD firmware (make a backup IMAGE before doing so)
  4. got it thank you very much for your help
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