Low FPS on HD 5770

I recently replaced my old card, the nvidia 9600 gt with a HD 5770. Im getting lower FPS on the new card then on the old card. How do I fix this? I have 4 gb DDR2 RAM. Athlon x2 6000+ 3.0 Ghz. Im not sure about the power supply though and I don't want to over clock anything. The FPS seemed higher with the 9600 gt than the HD 5770 in bad company 2.
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  1. what drivers do u have? download the 10.8 driver and see where it gets you if that fails try 10.5 or 10.7 if those don't work try the older drivers like 9.12 and so on
  2. I found that 10.4 were some of the best for ATI, a lot of people with problems end up suggesting 10.4
  3. yeah i was gonna get a 5770 but now iam not sure cuz ati are big large powerful red buses but with REALLY bad drivers.
    i made a post to see if the gtx 460 or the 5770 is good for my setup
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