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hey i want to overclock my Core 2 dou e7200 CPU from 2.53 to at least 3.2ghz i dont to set the voltage please tell the best voltage settings to get 3.2ghz my motherboard is GIGABYTE 945GCM S2L and i have 650watts power supply doesn't mind if temp increase to 80C
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  1. If you have the option of setting the cpu fsb in the bios, you can try a manual setting and check the default reading. It will probably be 533 (half of 1066, which is the normal fsb). Try changing this setting to 667, and see if the ram fsb changes with it. The cpu may run fine, but the ram may not want to run faster. If you save and exit, the system may not post, so be sure to locate the CMOS jumper, which is usually near the board battery. You will have to unplug the power supply and move this jumper over one position to reset the bios. Two of the three pins have to be covered by the jumper at all times; then move the jumper back to it's original position. If all this sounds too complicated, then I would leave your system alone. If it ain't broke, don't kill it.
  2. you will need some good cooling.
    wether the power supply doesn't mind if it's in the 80's or not the chip will mind when it overheats.

    with overclocking there is never a pure set way to do it. every chip is unique (like snowflakes ;) ) if you don't know what you are doing read up about it. if you get it wrong you can fry your chip. especially if your messing around with the VCORE.

    the easiest way to OC is modify the multiplier but seeing as you have an intel the multiplier is most likely locked. other than that your looking at messing with bus speeds which means your also going to have to learn about ram speeds and timings if you want a good stable overclock. if you knock the bus to high and don't change the ram to compensate the ram will overheat.

    overclocking is a generally slow process to see what the max stable you can get is. if your going to OC your going to need prime95 and memtest. just because your computer turns on with the OC doesn't mean its stable. run prime95 for a few hours and memtest for a few to see if its stable. you can't rush it. if you do you will learn the hardway that OC'ing isnt somethign to be taken lightly.

    watch your temps i don't know what the max temp an intel can safely have is but 80C seems high to me.
  3. well ihave overclocked it to 3.02ghz with voltage to 1.35000vlots my ram is now at 795mhz and i can see the difference in performance but i would like to go to 3.5 i will buy a good aftermarket cooler tell me which is great for under $30 once when i playe gta 4 my cpu core temperature reached 92c on the first core and 90 on the second core tell me what is core tepm and cpu temp i used nvidia system montor to find the temp
  4. please reply
  5. nitin-26 said:
    please reply

    hello there nitin :hello:
    i am thinking that ur in that right?
    ok if you are done with overclocking then it is requiered to check your temps and OMG :o your temps are insane 90 degree celcius is not at all good :non: , stop playing GTA 4 for now... I am not a professional but 90 C is very high.
    Core temps are the actual temps of your CPU and they change according to CPU usage...
    I must say you have to upgrade the cooler, i was suggested to use Cooler Master Hyper 212 for best performance, i dont know the exact price.
    correct me if i am wrong :sol:
  6. yes thats right. i am running on stock right now please tell me a good cooler under $30 or rs 1500 thanks in advance
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  8. u have to go to the market for the price query.... b'cus u know price may vary vastly for different have to walk out to know about the price and products..
    the prices shown at the web sites are based on the international market so u will always get an unexpected prices of different electronics on net.. so better search around you.. ok... hope this helps
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