Lian Li PC-K62 or Silverstone RV02

Silverstone RV02 or Lian Li PC-K62

Which case has better airflow and is more quiet?
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  1. I'd be fairly certain that the RV02 has superior cooling with its unorthodox fan orientation, along with air penetrator fans. Not sure about sound level.

    Why are you comparing cases in different classes though? The RV02 is quite a bit larger.
  2. Size isn't really a factor they will both fit what I require...

    I thought only the TF02's have AP fans?
  3. the k62 is a sweet case by lancool a subsidiary of lian li, the red version of it is quite nice as is the tool less design, I personally was gonna go for that case until i decided on the Lian-Li aluminum of course pc-a70f which is here at
    I really have no knowledge of the raven 02 but the reviews of the corsair 600t are spectacular all around corsair has put much thought into those cases. One thing I do know about the raven that ive read about is since the i/o panel is essentially on the top of the machine it makes it a hassle to have to remove the top and plug any additional components in to mobo. If i was not getting the a70f i would have more than likely gone with the k62 red edition i loved everything about the case and the red interior was just a plus although one negative is that it is steel and not aluminum but thats just a personal preference
  4. metalface said:
    I thought only the TF02's have AP fans?

    They started putting AP fans in the rv02's about a month back or so.
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