So I have just got an SSD where i run my os, and the most regular used programs. And beside the ssd i have a hard drive, that ive formated all of that. But now, since i use the ssd as local drive and boot drive, is there way that i can make all my downloads end up in the hard drive?

Now, if I was going to install Skype for example, i download and i get an .exe file that ends up in the downloads folder in the ssd. is there any better solution to this? :)
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  1. Most browsers have a way to specify where the download goes. You just have to remember to use it, and if your ssd is small, you also need to be vigilant about changing install folders.
  2. Go to the "USERS" folder on your drive, find your user name, open that folder. You should see "DOWNLOADS". Right click, click on the location tab, then change the drive letter to your hard drive. It will change the location for all browsers, as the browsers use the library to store the downloads.
  3. okey, thank you so much :)
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