This keeps happening, why?

Okay so I was having my other 2 systems power off randomly, and seem to have fixed them, thread here. Now my brand new build is doing something very similar, random BSOD. Just happened while watching a 720p YouTube video. Has happened like 5 times in the 48hrs since I built it. It ran Prime95 fine for 4 hours, 3dmark06 ( 33,233 ), 3dmark11 ( P 8,970 ). Need help, thanks!

System specs:

Windows 7 64 Pro
Intel i5 2500K ( 4.7GHz @ 1.4V - temps= 20's idle, 63 load max running Prime95)
Thermalright Silver Arrow
Kingston HyperX 4gb dual channel kit ( 2133MHz, 9-11-9-27 T1)
Asus P8P67 Pro
Silverstone FT02
2 XFX HD 6950s (stock, newest Catalyst 10.12 from XFX site, AMD site driver would give me HDMI Audio install failed)
OCZ Vertex 2 120GB
WD Caviar Black 2TB
Corsair 950TX
2 LG Blu Ray burners

System is hooked up to an Onkyo receiver via HDMI, which is hooked up to a 40" Samsung LED-LCD via HDMI. Devices connected are:

Logitech G500
generic ps/2 keyboard
Beyerdynamic MX 300 headset
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  1. Try reformatting the drives or assure you have formatted them in NTFS, one of the main caused for a BSOD is a badly fragmented drive or missing/damaged system files.
    If reformatting and reinstallation of your OS does not work then the issue will most likely be hardware related, try another hard drive or booting from a VHD to see if this makes your system more stable.

    If all else fails just put the Stop:0x0.. etc code in on Microsofts website and look for the specific error.

    Hope this helped :).
  2. I'm getting a Stop:0x00000124 code. Also I'm running an SSD, shouldn't TRIM be taking care of it?
  3. revert your overclock to stock and see if that helps
  4. gonna guess its the overclock. even if you have run prime95 and it seems stable.

    other than that a quick google search pointed me to this
  5. Ok. I "think" I cleared the BIOS or should I say UEFI. I say think because some of my options are still in the UEFI. Is this normal? What I did was power down the computer, unplug from power, and short the CLRTC pins. Is that even how you clear the UEFI on an Asus P8P67 Pro?

    Anyway, after that I plugged the PC back up and turned it on. PC said to press F1, I did. This is when I noticed that some of the settings did not clear. Oh well, I saved and exited. PC booted fine into OS so I ran CPU-Z. CPU is running at 3.4GHz? I thought it was 3.3GHz stock. Ram is at 1333MHz.

    No BSOD for 5+hours until I accidentally disabled CrossFireX while a Blu Ray was paused. The PC gave me another BSOD when I disabled CrossFireX while a game was running. Is this normal?
  6. in game i could see why it would do it. although id expect the game to crash i suppose it could cause a blue screen. unfortunately the 0x24 stop is about the most vague error you can get. according to MS it happens when hardware makes a complaint to windows. and if your turning crossfire off while in a game. i'm guessing windows would then have to suddendly pull all the data thats going through one card and load it to the other. and you could see why hardware would make a complaint to windows about that :P

    seems your having trouble getting newer drivers for your cards aswell. last radeon i had was a bugger to get drivers for i eventually wen't for some custom drivers made by a third party can't remember the name of them though i'm afraid.

    if your not wanting to use crossfire in games. see if catalyst has a profile option like nvidia drivers do where you can set certain settings for certain games ie. dont use sli/crossfire. i don't know if they do or not my last radeon was years ago.

    i can't see the trouble in disabling crossfire while a blu ray is active. so maybe the problem is down to your drivers. unless your BR program supporst crossfire.

    it seems you may have had 2 problems, one with your gpu and one with your cpu. if your re overclock it maybe aim for about 4.5ghz and make sure the system is fully stable with memtest and prime95 once its done. alot of people don't run memtest but the ram is just as important and prime95 won't stress the ram like memtest does.
  7. The stop code 124 is for qpi voltage too high or too low for your overclock. Stop code 101 is for not enough voltage to the cpu.
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