Choosing a Case - Antec 902 or Thermaltake V9

Hey All,

I'm looking at building a relatively low cost system ($1k or less, have monitor and keyboard etc) but I'm a little hung up on the case. Right now I'm deciding between the Antec Nine Hundred Two or the Thermaltake V9 Black Edition.

Both cases are within $5 of eachother ($104 vs $109) and they both have really good offerings. I'm kind of liking the look of the Thermaltake better, I also love the two external hard drive docs and the fact that it has a USB 3.0 port on the front (which will help with futureproofing the case). The Antec 902 has fan control switches built in, has removable storage block, and what looks like better overall cooling. I believe both also have support for water cooling (grommits and stuff) which will be nice if I have the need to WC in the future.

Any thoughts as to which is going to serve me better in the long run and right now?

(If it makes a difference I'm looking at running an i5-760 (or an i7-950), and I plan to use 1 NVIDIA 760 with the possibility of running another in SLI in the future - although I would look at Radeons if suggested)
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    My sister has the standard V9 and I really hate it. It seems flimsy and the side panels attach with the old style not the hinge type which makes the panels a bit annoying to put on and off.

    I prefer the 902s looks and I also would much prefer an Antec over a Thermaltake. I think the 902 is a very nice quality case and would do you well.

    Theres my thoughts.
  2. Check out the Cooler Master CM690 II Advance case. Under $100 and a ton of features.

    Can hold 11 fans
    Has and external hot swap bay
    E-sata on front I/O
    Black Interior
    Can remove extra HD bays when you are not using them
    Cable management holes
    bottom mounted PSU
    7+1 Expansion slots

    Great Case
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