NZXT phantom modification!!

Has anyone done modification on their phanton case? I been working on mine and planning of putting 21 120mm fans all together inside the case. If you are wondering how im about to do it? i came up with... 4 modified 120mm holes on the left panel beside the 2x120mm holes on the side. Im replacing the stocked top panel with a 4x120mm holes for a 480mm radiator with a pull and out 8x120mm exaust fans. Also, im putting 240mm radiator on the right side across the 2x120mm intake fans from the left side adding a pull and out 4x120mm exaust fans. Adding an intake 120 or 140mm fan on front and 120 fan for the back = 21 fans!!!!!!

It's not easy... i started with no tools and i ended up buying every tools, plexiglass, paint, metal sheet,...etc :cry: outloud its been 12 days since i started and its almost stucked on making the 120mm holes. I bought the wrong 4-1/2" bi-metal hole saw...$50+ more on the right ones! It came down to the battle of patient to do a good job Vs tired of the whole project and just want to get it done! but take my advice there's only one way to do it...that's doing everything right so no redoing everthing all over again...

I'LL POST THE PICTURES ONCE ITS DONE by request so please leave your comments or share your new project or if you had one before I could use some motivation & advice

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  1. this seems absurdly impractical, and like it will take an extreme amount of time and effort. but i am definitely looking forward to what the end result is going to be. be sure to update when its finished.
  2. thanks for the comment! but its so worth it when you dont have tv or other things but a desktop under your name lolz. btw the radiator is 54mm thick w/ 42mm + 30mm shrouds for each radiator. As you can see i had to raise the case way up to make up the space for the shrouds and radiator.

    Its not impractical for overclocking 4.0+ghz & overclocked GTX 470 running at 8-12 hours a day 7 days a week!

    check in couple days... i'll have the exterior up for pictures taking its all messy right now :whistle:
  3. all those fans it is kind of impractical even if you have a 4GHz OC and a SINGLE 470... My Antec 1200 with 4 120mm intake fans (1 on the side) 2 120mm outtake fans on the back and a 200mm(I think) which is an out take and thats WAYY more airflow than I need for a 4870 and an E6750 @ 3.5, 4 hard drives, 4 sticks of ram @ 2.2v (they get warm). After a few fans you see diminishing returns, if any returns at all. I guess they only reason why one would do this is because it looks "cool"
  4. Just dropping a post in so i can be notified when there's an update. Looking forward to seeing the finished product.
  5. Sigh, ruining such a beautiful case... We might as well burn down another forest...
  6. i just finished painting the brackets for the Plexiglass... i should be able to put the it together soon as the paint dry.

    I did a lot of research on "Extreme-Overclocking" and read probably hundreds of the latest threads on the internet in cpu's, video cards, motherboard, ram, "Liquid Cooling", and Computer case modification. Before i started this project i didnt even have the case selection yet. Soon as i noticed about this case months before it even came out, i knew it's the perfect case for my New Desktop with all its dimension and posibilities of adding radiators and Liquid cooling.

    Im not building this case for normal regular uses. Even tho i only play SCII I am always has been a computer enthusiast. When i started i was just like everyone else. I just need a good fast computer with a Corsair H50. But with knowledge&research i discover +adding$ a little more funds on the budget, i dreamed of all the fun i can get... and future upgrade of my LCD monitor to a 3D monitor... perhaps preparing for the new PCIexpress 3.0 components. Like they say "home sweet home" you can always change motherboards, cpu's, but you can always keep the case! right?

    running ur cpu at 3+ghz can even be done using air cooling up to 4+ghz with probaby high 30-40dBa, fans running@ >1000RPM just to maintain all the heat. But with my Set up i would be running at 1000RPM low 20dBa, keeping my CPU running 4.0ghz at 2.7degree to room temperature @1500 RPM. That came from an article review on Quads radiators and yes just running a single cpu w/o videocard on a top of the line best of the best 480 radiators Low air flow BLACK ICE SR-1. It can only get to about that temperature with an additional of shrouds i would be first one to know if there's any gain...then i'll let u know what i think :D

    who buys a high end case just to ruin it? but i know what you mean...dont worry im just upgrade from a "beautiful case" to a "cooler beatiful case" ... just wait till you see the end product!
  7. Nice work so far man, Looking forward to updates :)
  8. so i woke up this morning and 12 hours after the first coating. I decided to give it another spray :non: and i got this small spot bubbles on the surface that ruined the paint! :cry: i dont know what cause of it but i think i over sprayed it or it was the air factor. It could be the non stop sprying? i should have stop every 2seconds instead of pressing the spray for too long.

    So now i wont have the plexiglass on for few more days. Im thinking of going to home depot and buy a thin papersand and flatten the surface then give it another light spray... another lesson learn (one light spray at the time).

    On the bright side, after trying two different white paints, i luckily found the white Spray Paint color that perfectly match the metal color white in the case. other thing is that the metal part is a little lighter than the plastic exterior of the case. The plastic has a shine gloss. So to match the exterior of the case, first i accidently grabbed the old paint i had and sprayed one layer of hi-gloss paint on the metal then i realized i used the wrong one. So waited an hour, I applied second layer with the new spray paint i bought for the metal and when it dries it perfectly match the white and gloss of the plastic. :D

    White metal spray paint - brand: J2 professional quality
    White gloss spray paint - brand: General Paint (Marine High-gloss enamel)
  9. 21 fans....impractical, yes.....Amazing, I think so!
  10. Thank you for your sharing.It is helpful for me .I learn many here today.
  11. Nate? any progress dude?
  12. I can't justify 21 fans in this case or in any other case for that fact. Could of have spent the money on something else worth upgrading but now i'm intrigued to see the final result. Good luck and you should post day-to day shots, you started this thread in October so we all assume you gave up?
  13. HI guys, and sorry for waiting it just that I been busy with life... but im back at it again and will try to finish in about few weeks. Hopefully i can put some pictures up for viewing. Only if i can figure out how? HELP, any way(s) i can do it? it seems like i can't get the image link from my facebook pictures so i would have to upload the image file first.

    Pixeglass see through case TOP :D

    Koolance parts $643.49CAD before tax & shipping
    Reservior body 80X200mm
    Reservior Top 80mm
    Reservior Base 80mm
    Reservoir Bracket, 140mm (80mm OD)
    INS-FM17N Coolant Flow Meter
    Pump, PMP-450
    TMS-205 Software Thermal Interface Controller
    TMS-EB205 Expansion Board
    Bitspower watercooling parts $345.35CAD before taxes & shipping
    Dual D5 Mod Top Extreme - Acrylic Version -Grey
    D5 Pump Mod Kit - Chrome
    G1/4 Male to Female Extender - 50mm - Silver Shining
    G1/4 Male to Female Extender - 20mm - Silver Shining
    G1/4 Thread 90-Degree 1/2" ID x 3/4" - Silver Shining
    Ultimate G 1/4 Thread 1/2" ID x 3/4" OD Compression Fitting

    Black Ice SR1 480mm & 240mm Radiators :D
  14. shineon2010 said:
    I can't justify 21 fans in this case or in any other case for that fact. Could of have spent the money on something else worth upgrading but now i'm intrigued to see the final result. Good luck and you should post day-to day shots, you started this thread in October so we all assume you gave up?

    Never!!! :P
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