Samsung Magician 4.0 freezing problem

Hi, i just cloned my previous SSD (OCZ Rrevodrive 120gb) to my new SSD SAMSNUG 840 PRO 256gb. The cloning went smooth, but after i loged in windows, I went to Samsungs site, to fetch new drivers for this baby.

I saw there the Samsung Magician software and the new firmware drivers, so I downloaded them both. Installed the software normaly, but when i want to run it, my windows 7 ultimate 64bit freezes, and i need to press the reset button to solve the problem :S

Anyone else had this issue? Is there another way i could upgrade the firmware of the SSD?

Thank you!
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  1. you can use the old magican 3.2, which should be included with the drive, or burn the ISO
  2. I did a sector check and got it fixed. Now i have Partiton alignment issues...
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