Need help installing msata into new laptop (im SSD newb)

I just got my Lenovo y580 today along with my crucial m4 256 gb msata ssd. what I would like to do is get everything from my hdd onto the ssd and then use it as the primary drive.

what I have done so far : the ssd is physically in the laptop, it shows up in BIOS, device manager and in the Intel rapid storage manager. I have also created a backup image of my hdd and it is stored on my hdd.

the problem is that the ssd doesn't even show up in my computer so I think im doing something wrong . . . my troubleshooting skills are not that great when it comes to ssds, the only things I tried was go into BIOS and confirm that it is in "AHCI" mode I think that's what it is, and tried to disable and re-enable the ssd . . . . no success and kinda stuck
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  1. go into disk management and initialize the drive.
  2. man u r my hero :D did that, then it asked me to format and assign drive letter and so on, all is appearing in my computer now just have to put the clone of all my files on it and good to go ^_^
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