Radeon 6870, GTX 460's in SLI, or 470?

Hey Everyone,

I'm trying to build a custom system for some gaming, everyday computing, and maybe some Virtual Machining. I'm torn between getting the Radeon 6870 or the GTX 470. I'm planning on picking up just one for now and then picking up an additional card to runin SLI/CrossFire when I need the extra performace boost. The other option is to get 2 460's in SLI off the bat, this is expensive and probably not needed right now (running a display at 1920x1200). What option are you guys feeling?

I'm also concerned about PhysX. Is it something I should be going with NVIDIA for? If I get a single 470 will I then need to get an additonal card (something lower) to run PhysX on? It wont run with only a single GTX 470 right?

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    In my opinion, 2 x GTX 460 1GB will be perfect for 1920 x 1200 for a while, don't think that there are many games if any that it wouldn't be able to handle completely maxxed. If it's Physx you want than using 2 x GTX 460's in SLI will be enough, no need to worry about a dedicated seperate 3rd Physx card (though you could do it)
  2. theres also 2 X HD6850. very good performance on early drivers and low power usage. only 1 6-pin cable required for each card.
  3. infernox_01 said:
    theres also 2 X HD6850. very good performance on early drivers and low power usage. only 1 6-pin cable required for each card.

    This is very true but in this scenario, they would need a dedicated Nvidia card for Physx if that was something they desired.
  4. Physx is something that is cool... But you won't miss it. I played Mafia 2 with my 5850 and there was really no issues and no need for Physx. I mean if you do want to, some games are Nvidia "bought" games in that the company developed the game to handle Nvidia games better like Dirt 2 was for ATI cards, Mafia 2 was a Nvidia game. Kind of things like that.

    6850 CF or 460 SLI really, either is great. 6850 is a bit newer so I'd wait, if your getting it from Newegg, because they haven't gotten the Asus DirectCu or MSI Hawk model from either company yet so.... Yeah. But if you do get a 460, get the MSI Cyclones or the MSI Hawks. That or the DirectCu 460, the Cyclones are better though.

    Review for 6850 CF:
    Review for Cyclone 460 SLI:

    As you can see, both cards after OC really perform above many of the cards that are more expensive. Like 2 Cyclones is 360, which is cheaper than the 480 but performs better. While the 6850 CF is cheaper than the 5970 but performs on par.
  5. what's your PSU? system specs?

    a single Nvidia card will run physx just fine. I opted for a 470 and will get another one for sli in a month.
  6. Right off the bat, the GTX 460s in SLI will be the fastest option, but if you're looking for future upgradeability, you'll be stuck.

    Since the 470 is sort of a 'tweener in regards to to 460 and 480, I would definitely look into buying 2 from the start, and look at a 3rd for tri-SLI
  7. Are you aware of the recent price drops? This GTX 470 model is only $230 after rebate.

    What's your graphics budget? $460 is about the price a pair of GTX 460 1 GB cards was a month or two ago.

    You could probably save even more if you wait about four weeks for Black Friday to come around.
  8. Well... This is the general pricing, not counting MIRS since those are really iffy depending on companies.

    2x460 768mb: 360-370$ US
    1x460 768mb: 180-190$ US
    2x6850 1gb: 360-400$ US (400 being the only 200$ XFX model all other 6850s are 180)
    1x6850 1gb: 180-200$ US (refer ^)
    1x470 1.28gb: 250-340$ US (depends on hsf on the 470)
    1x460 1gb: 190-250$ US (depends on cooler)
    2x460 1gb: 380-500$ US (Depends on cooler)
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