Abit IL9 Pro and new ati radeon hd 6770

Hello,I want to buy a new graphics card and it is ati radeon hd 6770 i saw this thread: http://www.tomshardware.co.uk/forum/269338-12-abit-doesn-5770 and 6770=5770 its actually the same...so can i mount this graphics card on abit il9 pro i can t see why i can t because i coud in theory put two 6770 in crossfire on this MBO?
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  1. And one more question coud i run f1 2011 with c2d e6400 and ati radeon hd 6770 on resolution 1280x1024 on medium or low?

    One more thing coud i mount amd phenom ii x4 955 be on this motherboard http://www.adm.hr/product_info.php?products_id=8655?
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  4. If an HD 5770 won't work, then I wouldn't expect an HD 6770 to work.

    To use a phenom II x4 955, you need a new motherboard which will require new memory, etc. But then an HD 6770 will work and the system will be a lot faster than an E6400.

    Your E6400 is slow (I know as I sill have one that I fortunately very rarely use).
  5. can someone tell me the facts....anyone has this mbo and ati radeon hd 5770=6770
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  7. You already know that it doesn't work; therefore you can't expect someone else to have that combination. Best is to upgrade the CPU and motherboard.
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