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hello again!

i am building my first desktop computer using an intel DH55HC motherboard, incorporating an i5-661 cpu.

for the sake of convenience and affordability i plan to use new and used parts. my question has to do with PSU's. i have an old dell XPS410 that has a dead motherboard. so far as i know, the power supply is good, and i hope to use it in my new configuration. it is a 375 watt unit.

first, is the pinout compatible with my new motherboard? and second, will this be strong enough to power it? of course, i'll be adding the hard drive and disc drive, and a DTV tuner card.

any and all responses are always appreciated. :)
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    Standard ATX pinout, no worries there.
    Enough power even if you add a midrange card.
    The size may pose a problem, the Dell psu is 10mm taller than standard, so may or may not fit a new case depending on how the psu cage is configured.
  2. if all else fails i'll just use the old dell case.

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  4. Googlybear said:
    if all else fails i'll just use the old dell case.


    Can't put an ATX board in a Dell BTX case.
  5. lol!

    back to the drawing board!

    i like the wood computer case newegg has. maybe i'll get that one, and figure out the power supply from there!
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