Can I just use an SSD?

Hi! I'm building a gaming computer and heard that SSD's were better than HDD's in every way (except price). But my question is, would I be able to use JUST an SSD? I'm gonna get the 256gb Samsung 840 Pro Series SSD, and probably a second one around March (my b-day). Will I have problems using 2? Also I know that HDD's work best when there's about 20-30% free space, is that the same for an SSD?
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  1. Yes, you can use just one SSD and no regular hard drive or you could use as many SSD's as you have sata ports for with no issues.

    That said for things that don't require intense speed a slower large hard drive is a good addition to one or more SSD's since for about $100 you can add a 2Tb hard drive for storage.

    Nice Build :sol:
  2. ^Yep.

    The sweet spot is a 128GB SSD with a 1 or 2TB hard drive. Things like word documents, images, and video are so small that you don't see any difference between having them on a hard drive vs an SSD.

    Basically you put the OS and programs, along with any games you play frequently that have long loading screens, on the SSD, and store everything else on the hard drive.
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