I7 2600k OC & temps. Normal?

So, as the subject indicates, I have an Intel Core i7 2600K (D2 version) using ASUS P8P67 Pro motherboard and 4 GB G.Skill 1600 RAM CL7. The heatsink is a Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus

There are two things that raise a flag to me and wanted to see if they're normal or if anyone is experiencing anything similar.

1. I have successfully overclocked the CPU to 4.5 on 1.35 vcore, I wanted to disable speedstep to see if it would idle @ 3.4 as that is the rated default speed but even with speedstep and C1E disable, it still throttles the CPU down to 1.6 idle. If you must ask why i want to disable speedstep, it is for testing purposes. I am using the most recent BIOS from the ASUS website and tried it as well on the original BIOS, same result.

2. After overclocking to 4.5, I stress tested with Prime 95 for about 6 hours with no errors but my temps are a little strange. Let me explain:

Prime 95 stress testing MAX temps: (this seems to be the weird temps to me)
Core 0: 59c
Core 1: 67c
Core 2: 68c
Core 3: 64c

Idle temps @ 1.6 (this seems normal to me)
Core 0: 30c
Core 1: 28c
Core 2: 28c
Core 3: 26c

Now why would Core 0 be the coolest of the 4 under load and the hottest of the 4 when idle? Am I losing my mind here?
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  1. Your temps look fine. I would be more concerned with the voltage setting. The normal is about 1.05-1.1. Hard to say if 1.35 will shorten the cpu life.
  2. I am not worried about a couple years taken off the CPU life as it is under full overclocking warranty as well as I will probably end up getting a new one before this one dies anyway because i am crazy and always feel the need to have the latest...
  3. I'd be fine with those temps during a Prime95 run.
    I wouldn't get too worked up over little variations in temps like that. Each core isn't necessarily under 'equal' load ... there can be slight differences in the thermal behavior of the silicon... pick your excuse... :)

    A couple degrees wouldn't bother me... If core 0 was 40 degs when everything else was 30 on a completely idle system... i might get more concerned.
  4. So the question remains, what's the deal with speedstep still kicking in while it is disabled?
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