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GTX 480 and 460 SLI?

Well, I took the big plunge down debt lane yesterday, and bought an Antec Dark Fleet 85 case, and a Gigabyte 480 (what, I couldn't resist, they are like, $50 off on newegg ;) )
What I would like to know is, can I take my friends GTX 460 and use it for a dedicated Physx card with my 480? (I have an SLI bridge and all).
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    You could but I don't think he'll be happy about it :lol: but you won't need the SLi bridge as they won't and can't be run in SLi.
  2. Naw he's cool with it, I asked first :P Its mainly to show off to some people. Alright thanks for the info :D
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