Intel core I7 920 and 1600 mhz memory

I have a computer with the intel core I7 920. And when i build the computer i bought 3*2gb Kingston HyperX 1600mhz memory.
But now i realized that the I7 only runs 1066 mhz MAX! :( Is that real, and/or can i overclock the cpu to run 1600mhz without crashing anything? :D Thanks
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  1. No, the X58 CHIPSET only officially supports 1066MHz, but a good motherboard can run 2000MHz+ through overclocking.

    If you RAM has XMP profiles just load them up in the BIOS, or just set your memory settings to run 1600MHz.

    To be honest though, you'd see more of a performance boost with tighter timings instead of raw memory speed, and even then it's only something that benchmarks will show - unlikely to see it in real-world use.
  2. Exactly as described by LePhuronn.
    I'll just add that adjusting the dram voltage to ram specs will also help you achieve your rams described speed.
  3. I have a Asus Rampage II gene mortherboard, so of i have heard it should't be any problem with overclocking. :D But shall i just go into bios and change the ram spec to 1600mhz, instead of auto. :D
    Thank you for help.: D
  4. That board most likely support XMP and the same goes for the memory modules, so chosing XMP in BIOS should automatically make all settings for you in order to run the memory at its max rated specification.
  5. And what is XMP? :D
  6. A profile that the motherboard reads off the memory and make all settings in BIOS, so latency and voltages are set automatically.
  7. Okay. :b
    I did changed the settings to X.M.P, but i seems like my computer runs slower than before, and not stabil.. :S
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