Samsung 840 PRO not detected in BIOS

I currently have an Aurora R4 with two Seagate Momentus XT 500GB in Raid and just bought a Samsung 840 PRO 256GB SSD to run my OS and various programs off of. I installed the new SSD in one of my drive bays -- used an ICY Dock 2.5" to 3.5" SSD HDD Converter -- and it won't detect it in Windows 7 or BIOS. (Also tried plugging the drive via USB) I wanted to do a clean install and I've disabled Raid in BIOS and changed to ACHI, still not showing up. Wondering if I have a SSD that was DOA. Also heard a rumor that the new Samsung SSD's don't play well with Dell hardware. I'm going to return it if I can get it resolved. Any suggestions?
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  2. If your USB Device work with other devices I think you really got a DOA, can you try on another machine?
  3. I have a Samsung 840-120GB SSD -- tried with Icy Dock and USB -- no luck. It DOES work on a new server 2012 machine directly SATA attached though.
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