Asrock P67 extreme 4 power issue

I've just received a new Asrock P67 Extreme 4 the other day. I placed it on top of the box, and hooked up my OCZ 600w PSU.

Made sure the power wasn't plugged into the wall, and hooked up the 24, and 8pin connectors to the motherboard. Then I plugged into the wall, flipped the switch on the PSU... but got nothing.

My question is does anyone know if this motherboard has power LED indicators. Every motherboard I've seen does, but I'm not getting any sign that it's receiving power.

I've tested the PSU on my other computer, motherboard, and that works fine so the PSU seems to be good.

I will get the i5 2500k CPU, and 4gb DDR3 memory tomorrow, but will not have a GPU until next week. Is there anyway to tell if I need to RMA the motherboard??

Would a POST card help??
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  1. I actually just got mine up and running yesterday. I don't think it has an LED showing that the board is getting power. There are LEDs that come on once the PC is turned on, but no indicators once it is powered down.

    Are you trying to power up the motherboard without RAM and a CPU? Do you have another PSU you can try?

    Good luck.
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