Good response time/refresh rate LCD monitors?

I work for a cognitive neuroscience lab and we need to get a new monitor for our EEG testing room. We're gonna be using the monitor for presenting images on the screen that need to be precisely timed (like the data from the experiment will be thrown off by a few milliseconds difference between when our software displays the stimuli and when the pixels actually change to display the image). We're currently using a CRT but want to switch to an LCD because EEG records electricity on the scalp and this data gets thrown off by CRTs (since CRTs pump a stream of electrons towards the subjects' heads when they're looking at the monitor).

So basically we need an LCD with a fast refresh rate and fast response time. In my brief search of newegg, I couldn't find anything faster than ~80hz refresh rate. I've read in other forums that 100hz monitors exist. Where can I find them? Is a low response time more important than a faster refresh rate for this situation?
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  1. Samsung 2233RZ is 5ms @120Hz, see newegg for specs, and google for price comparisons. I've been using one for about 15 months and it performs well in games and TV/video playback.
  2. 120Hz monitor usually for 3D gaming, but if that's what you looking for then go for it (treefrog link above), it also has a fast response time (5ms)...

    Acer GD235HZbid:
    It has 120Hz and 2ms.

    Your choice... :)
  3. 120Hz LCD screens are still pretty rare. The plus though is they typically have very low Response Times (<5ms).

    It sounds like you'd still be better off with CRT screens, if you want high refresh/low response times...
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