Supermicro Overheat LED problem

We have a SuperServer 6016T-MT chassis with X8DTL-3F-B main board. The CPU installed is a Xeon 5620 processor.

Immediately, as the server is powered on , the Overheat / Fan Fail “red” LED is illuminated solid and remains on along with the “Green” Power LED. The server never boots, nor is the IMPI interface accessible.

Though I don’t think it’s the problem, the CPU is firmly mounted with plenty of paste under the heatsink. All of the fans seem to be working just fine as well. We have tried to boot them with different memory modules, with and without hard drives with no success.

Is there anyway to disable or fix this situation so that we can use these servers?

Your help is greatly appreciated.
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  1. I got the similar problem with X8DTL-i motherboard. I am running RedHat Linux. I am doing nothing and the machine idled for couple of hours and overheat light on and the machine shutdown itself.
    I open the computer. I touched anywhere, no where is hot. The CPU heat sink is very cool! Even nowhere feel warm!
    I dont know why the machine shutdown and the overheat light is on. I will call SuperMicro.
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