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I am attempting to build a computer for a friend. The main goal for this computer is to be able to play World of Warcraft with a steady framerate between 30-40. That isn't outrageous, is it? :D

That said, I have nothing picked out yet. I figured I would let some of you pros on here take a stab at it. If I give you a budget of $300-$400 for the PC itself, what can you come up with? If you break $400 and hit close to $500, it will be okay. I can still work with that.

Sidenote: She loves to listen to music while playing, and she watches a lot of videos online. Can you incorporate that into your system?

Thank you!,
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  1. That's not much of a budget for a gaming PC. A decent one will run about $500-$600.

    With $300-400, you're looking at an Athlon II x3 and probably HD5770.

    Also, all gaming PCs are more than capable of streaming media and music.
  2. kureme said:
    That's not much of a budget for a gaming PC. A decent one will run about $500-$600.
    so true, can she salvage things from her computer, such as HDD, OS, PSU, ec.t..?


    Also, all gaming PCs are more than capable of streaming media and music.

    Yup, but a good soundcard/headphones/headset, is always nice.
  3. I will have to look at what she has. She wanted a computer so bad that she bought an eMachines computer from Best Buy and thought she'd be okay. It worked solid for a month. WOW easily ran 30-40fps. Now it only runs 5-10. She's going to want to keep her HDD. I don't know how good the PSU is, but if it supplies enough power, then I could pull it out. I have the OS covered already. I just need the hardware.
  4. If her computer isn't much old and worked fine before, why not try to find the reason why it's not up to par anymore now. Maybe she just needs to clean up all the clutter. If need be, you can do a clean windows install. You should be able to find the drivers on the emachines website.

    An upgrade seems a more viable option than a new system. Probably just needs more ram and a decent GPU.
  5. I was thinking about it. Right now she is running Vista, so I'm thinking about backing up the thousands of pictures she has on her HDD and upgrading to 7. Her case is so small, I couldn't imagine getting in a better graphics card. I'll try and gather the specs for the computer and see what you guys think I should upgrade.
  6. - Windows Vista Home Premium with SP1
    - Intel Pentium processor E2210
    - Nvidia GeForce 7050 Integrated
    - DVD-Super Multi drive with LabelFlash
    - 320 GB HDD
    - 3 GB DDR2 memory
    - Multi-in-one Digital Media Manager

    Off the sticker. I don't have a Mobo, though.
  7. While you're at it, see how much clearance there is for a graphics card. i.e. distance from the back panel to the first thing it runs into on the front side (HDD cage?) and if height is full or compact.
  8. I will gather that when I get home. I can tell you height-wise, it is very compact. I can't remember th last time I saw a case so small.

    EDIT: If I needed to purchase a bigger case, what all would I have to replace in conjunction with that?
  9. AhHHHHH I know this computer, a friend had one... it is to say it lightly a hunk of junk.... (no offense)

    No room for any upgrades, other then RAM.
  10. None taken. I completely agree with you.
  11. haha, finally I'm not flamed for sayin' something
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