HAF X stand off problem -- strange advice by Cool master

First build ever.

stand off do not go in to the case. two were pre installed but the rest simply wont screw in.

Coolmaster told me to use the screw that was supposed to go into the standoff and "screw it into the stand off holes"

this seems extreme to me -- what should i do?

anyone else ever run into stand off problems to mount the mother board.
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  1. It seems there may be a problem in the manufacturing process, and they are advising you to use the screw to drill the pilot hole threads, no biggie but not a common thing I would hope,
  2. Thats not extreme, that actually makes sense. Im pretty sure they are having you use the screw to clear the threads in the standoff hole, there might be some burrs that are preventing you from screwing the standoff in by hand, but a screwdriver will give that extra torque needed to clear the holes so you can screw the standoff in.

    Edit: Must type faster!
  3. ok, i will try it. I am getting paranoid I guess.
  4. Seems like they may have painted it after drilling the holes? Maybe the material just needs to be cleaned out of the holes so the stand offs can fit the threads.
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