[Graphic Card]What graphic card should i buy

Hi these are my computer specs

-Video Card ATI RADEON HD 3200 Integrated Graphics
-Os Windows Vista Home Premium 64-bit Sp1 <Just to be random what does sp1 stand for?>
-Ram is 4GB DDR2
-Processor AMD phenom X4 9100e Quad-Core
-Hard drive 640 GB
-Motherboard Gateway RS780 (AM2)
-PSU Umm i dont know what this is and i cant find it?

Ok you have the information, I am lagging in games i get even when im offline and i just wanted to make sure that the video card was the problem, so is it? Also What card should i get thats around 100$-150$ dollars and make sure that it will work with the rest of the components thank you! :D
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  1. PSU is the power supply. (the thing that the electric cord from the wall goes into) If it is a Gateway just post the model number. You could use anywhere from HD5570 to HD5770 based on the PSU size.
  2. for that price. GTX 450, but you need wait for the release.
  3. For that price you cna get HD5770, but it dpend on your Power Supply Unit.
    Just open your case and see it for yourself, there's must be a sticker on it...
  4. SP1 stands for Service Pack 1.. And yes, like other have said till now, the HD 5770 will be a good purchase for you budget currently.. Just make sure your PSU (Power Supply Unit) is adequate enough to power it..
  5. Based on PSU size I second HD5670.
  6. I'd third that opinion.

    as for whoever said to get a GTS 450, Its RRP is supposed to be $10 more than a 5770 while being on-par/slight slow than the 5770 sfaik.
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