Can youn switch between graphics on Sandy Bridge

I am getting ready to build my first computer and the new Sandy Bridge 2600K sounds like the perfect chip. I have looked around and can't see to find a straight answer to the following question:

Can you switch between the on board graphics and a dedicated card short of inserting or removing the card?

What I really want to know is can this be done via a software or hardware switch. I need to do a lot of encoding, but I also like to play games.

If you know the answer please help me out.
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  1. sure.. with an msi fuzion board :D
  2. I dont see that they have a fuzion with the 1155 socket.
  3. i don't think the boards are out yet i'll hvae to search...

    nope i'll explain why i say fuzion... fuzion was an msi/lucid colaoration to offer lucid's hydra chip to mix gpu's

    using the same software you will be able to do what you want... when they release a mobo with this ability , they showcased it at ces liek i showed.. but aparently nto on the market yet, I'll try to find a release date if i can find it somewhere but as of yet no luck
  4. Thanks, I was deciding between the Asus and MSI boards anyway. I'll start getting my components, but I'll wait on the motherboard. I definitely want a P67 so I can overclock.
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