1 beep from case speaker, system turns off after about 5 minutes...

Edited: I figured out the display problem. This is a new problem however.

So I posted a while back about building a PC, and I got all of the parts yesterday. After about 5 hours, I thought I had it all assembled. Here are the components:

Case: Cooler Master 690 II Advance
CPU: Core i5 750
Motherboard: MSI H55-GD65 LGA 1156 HDMI ATX
RAM: Patriot Gaming Series 4 GB (2x2GB) DDR3
PSU: Cooler Master 650W ATX 12V
HDD: Seagate 500 GB
DVD Drive: LG DVD Burner

So I have everything assembled, system turns on, and I hear 1 short beep. Now, Google tells me this is a DRAMS refresh failure? And that it's RAM related? Now I tried to unhook the ram, switch the spots on the board, and plug it back in, but I got the same problem. Is this perhaps faulty RAM? Or is a motherboard/power supply issue?
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  1. does it work on a regular monitor using either the DVI or VGA output?
  2. Try running through the steps in this link and give us an update where you find the problem or if you get it resolved.

  3. masterasia said:
    does it work on a regular monitor using either the DVI or VGA output?

    I don't own a regular monitor. I will try to hook it through a VGA-DVI adapter when I get home.
  4. Bump. I figured out the display problem, now I have a new one. Please see first post.
  5. Does it even post?? Try these..

    Make sure the rams are inserted into the slots completely and just just partially.

    Try running one stick at a time to see if it's just a bad stick.

    Try running a stick of ram you know is working, i.e. from another PC.

    Make sure the timings and voltages are set correctly in the bios for the ram.
  6. It posts, in as much as I am able to get into my BIOS screen, and even begin installing Windows 7.

    Is it ok to just have one stick of RAM in, and not 2? And I don't have any other RAM laying around, my only other computer is a laptop.
  7. So your system works now?
    It's okay to only have one stick of ram. Your computer will just run a little slower.
    You're not using your computer to its' full potential if you don't run it in dual channel.

    The cheapie computers from Best Buy sometimes only come with 1 stick of ram and they advertise it as having 2GB. Consumers don't know this sometimes and end up buying a slow computer.
  8. No, it doesn't work. It will turn on...and I hear a single beep about 10 seconds later. That indicates a DRAM failure. The system will stay on for about 4-5 minutes, and then shut itself off. I tried putting just one stick in, in each of the slots, both sticks in different slots, and every other combo, but I still get the same 1 beep and the same shutdown.
  9. Try running Memtest86+ on your ram.

    If you're into the BIOS, set all the settings back to default.

    Is the system overheating?

    You could have a bad board? or bad ram?

    Try booting with no HDD and no Video card. Just use the onboard video.
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