Kingston 16gb 2.0 extremely slow.

So as the title said i have this

And i am using it into my 2.0 USB slot(Asus Crossair III Formula) and it's copying some movies at 1mb, i tried in safe mode and it's still the same and i also tried every single USB port in the computer and it's still slow. Just FYI i am using Windows 8 64-bit pro.
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  1. If it is a Usb 2.0 device or a 3.0 device it looks like you have not installed the driver for the motherboard, I would have a look on the motherboard makers website to see if there is a Driver to support windows 8 64 bit.

    Remove the old driver and install, the new one if it is there, also have a look in the bios and make sure the settings, if any to do with usb are all enabled 1mb a second is very slow you should be at least getting 35Mb`s on a usb 2.0 device and a bit more on a 3.0 device plugged in to the usb ports.
  2. Shouldn't these drivers install with the windows? if not which one of those is the USB 2 Driver?
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