9800gx2 runs HOT


anyone know what could be causing these sorts of temps at idle?
the system case is pretty tidy, and all drivers are up to date.
ambient temp is about 60 F...I thought it might be the thermal paste, so I applied some arctic 5 - dropped it about 5C...

any advice would be more than welcome.
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  1. wow, 80'C idle with 100% fan speed and 0% Load...
    How old this card?
    Are you sure that card is free from dust? properly attached the heatsink fan?
  2. yeah, believe it or not- its actually running COOLER than when it had the stock thermal paste. I think it's around 2 years old now... I vaguely remember getting it in 08. I de-dusted it maybe a week ago.

    i've been slowly going down the list of things it could be- cleared up wires in the case, took off the shroud (as suggested for this card), verified that the fans are working, reapplied thermal paste... at this point I am just about ready to sell the thing and get a evga 460... though my last ditch effort is to check here.

    I was thinking that it might be PSU related, (i have an 800wtt PSU)- are there any power issues that would lead to EXCESS heat?
  3. What is your PSU? brand? model?
    I think this is not power issues...

    Still on warranty? No?
    Already check the card temps using GPU-Z?
    If not then try it:
  4. 1.)not on warranty
    2.)updating system specs to my sig in just a sec.
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    This card has always ran hot due to the low quality cooler that it was shipped with. There isn't much one can do except to put it on water but the blocks are rare and it is best to just upgrade.
  6. ^
    agree with nforce4max, it's time to upgrade, buddy, your card has served you very well on these 2 years...
  7. I think its a shame when a graphics card can't last more then 2 years. My last card was a NVidia 6800GT AGP and I retired it in May. It lasted me almost 5 years and the only reason for retirement is that it wouldn't play the games I wanted with the framerate and resolution I wanted. I would say that 5 years is a good lifetime for a system if you can stretch it that much, but two years is a joke.
  8. This is one of the reasons I dislike dual GPU cards, the amount of heat that a dual GPU card has to deal with in such small area has never seemed like a good idea to me. My 8800GT's run at the same temperature today as they did when I first bought them 3 1/2 years ago.
  9. The biggest turn off for me about dual gpu cards isn't just cooling or power but the switch. It is the biggest pain in the ass when the board can't boot the card due to the bios not being able to load the code that is needed to boot the switch and with out that it wont work. I learned the hard way with Nvidia's first gx2 that being the 7900gtx duo and it had the same issues as every thing on up except they were worse on this card. The 9800gx2 isn't near as bad those cards were except cooling sucked and were prone to failure when it is least expected. The GTX295 did much better than the older cards (dual pcb) but still isn't all that and a bag of chips. I would just move on and get something else that doesn't heat up or have scaling issues like a GTX 460.
  10. Did you clean the traces of the old thermal paste and make sure the new coat covers the two GPUs correctly?

    Are you sure your PSU is running well?

    The best way to answer the second question is to put the card in another computer & see if you'll end up with the same temps
  11. well I managed to get the temps down to a more reasonable 54/56 at idle. I ended up sticking the tube of dustoff in between the cards (in the fan housing), where I found a considerable amount of dust. turns out it gets pretty condensed in there and without a direct blast of air, I wasn't knocking any of the more stubborn dust collections loose.

    as for the thermal paste, I took my time to make sure i got it right- tho I hear ceramic paste is better for these cards...
  12. What is the difference between ceramic paste & regular thermal paste?
  13. regular has silver which is conductive
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