What system is better?

Hello I am looking for some info on which of these two systems is the better performer. They both are for sale for 1500obo cdn. My main concern is what video card set up is better, as well as the cpu. Here they are:

Processor is an intel core duo T9600 at 3.5 GHz. over clocked.
Dual gtx 260m in SLI
4 gigs ddr3 ram
2 HDD. Main drive is 320 GB, slave drive is 500 GB
Blue Ray combo player
light up keyboard with varied color options.
It does come with windows vista.
computer is able to play all games such as call of duty with ease.
has 1 year warranty with alienware/dell.

and the other:

intel Core i7-720QM Quad Core processor with Intel Turbo Boost Technology to boost base speed from 1.6GHz to a maximum Turbo Boost speed of 2.8GHz

ASUS CPU Level Up and Power4Gear Hybrid

Brilliant 17.3-inch Full HD LED-backlit widescreen at 1920 x 1080

Latest and best mobile graphics processor powered by ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5870 with 1GB GDDR5 VRAM with DirectX 11 support

64-bit Windows 7 Home Premium


1TB (2x 500GB) 7,200RPM hard drives

DVD/RW Drive

High-speed Wi-Fi networking Bluetooth v2.1

Integrated 2.0 megapixel webcam and Digital Array Mic for video calls with your friends and family

Illuminated and slanted ergonomic gaming keyboard

Altec Lansing speakers and EAX Advanced HD Audio

whats the better deal!?
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  1. If you had to get either of these, I'd say the top one mostly because of the processsor.

    You're better off with a desktop for gaming though. Laptops aren't meant for gaming, but for portability. An equivalent desktop would be worth a half if not a quarter of the price.
  2. Yes I have to have a laptop, cant pack a desktop from job to job. So you think the dual core processor is better than the new i7 quad? How about the video cards 5870 is shittier than two 260's?
  3. It's not dual core vs quad, its 3.5ghz dual core vs 1.6ghz quad/~2.4ghz dual/2.8ghz single. Hyperthreading doesn't help much with such low clock speeds.

    The 5870 is roughly equivalent to dual GTX 260s. Maybe only slightly better but not enough to warrant getting the second one over the first one.
  4. the second is better in my opinion as core 2 duo at 3 ghz isnt evn equl to a i7 at those speeds
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