650w enough?!?!?!?

is my XFX 650Watt Power Supply good enough to power:

XFX 780i
2x EVGA GTX 460's
4x 120 Fans
2x HDD's
C2Q 6600 @ 3.4

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  1. If it were jsut the 2x 460's I would say yes. You can take a look at the graph here:

    However adding the GTS 250 + all the other system components may push it over what the PSU is capable of, or run it really close to the max, closer than I would want to push it. I would invest is a 750 or 800w unit if you plan on keeping the 250.
  2. A 650 watt PSU is a little light for a pair of 460s. Add on to that a GTS 250 and you're probably going to need a ~800-850W PSU.
  3. In this power test on a overclocked I7 920 with 2x GTX460 in SLI running Furmark total system load 510watts http://www.anandtech.com/show/4061/amds-radeon-hd-6970-radeon-hd-6950/24 It would just be enough left to allow you to have the GTS250 there as well but I would not run Furmark with it installed!
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