SSD speed problems

Hi, I currently have two SSD and both seems to have speed problem.

I have just ran AS SSD benchmark for the two drives.

This is the samsung 830 256gb which I use as my system drive.

Currently about 60gb free.

The write speed is extremely low.

The second is the Sandisk extreme 480gb which is currently without any files on.

However comapre to the youtube video


My drive is much lower in both read and write speed

I would like to know if I have missed something out?

My System:
CPU: i7 3930k
Mobo: Rampage IV Extreme
RAM: Corsair vengeance 32gb
GPU: Asus 7950 crossfire

Thanks in advance
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  1. Do you use RAID for Samsung SSD or just AHCI?
    Can you try standard MS driver like used for the Sandisk device?
  2. And I am sure they are connected to the sata III ports too
  3. I see you are connected to 2 different controllers from drive to drive.

    Make sure you are using the RED sata ports just under the BLACK ones. The bottom RED ones are the ASmedia controller and may not be quite as fast.

    Please also ensure you have AHCI mode in the bios, if you do not, you will need to make a registry edit before switching.
  4. Yes, I have just double checked, I am using Ahci mode, and I am certain they are connected to the native 6gb ports, not the Asmedia one.
  5. The ASmedia ones are SATA 3(6gigabit) as well.

    If you look at your images one drive is running on "msahci"(my guess is the ASmedia controller) and the other is "iastorV"

    so for sure you are on 2 different controllers. This does not explain the Samsung's slow wright speeds(because those are FAST drives). Can you ensure write cache is enabled(device manager).

    Your access times also seem to be high for SSD(Samsung write).
  6. I have just figured out one of the main problem because I was certain it was connected correctly, the problem came from the cable that I bought with the new ssd recently.

    It says 6gb/s on the cable however it doesn't seem so.

    Therefore I tried to use the other cable that came with the mother board.

    This is the new benchmark

    However the read time still seems a bit low???
  7. mad-max79 said:
    Do you use RAID for Samsung SSD or just AHCI?
    Can you try standard MS driver like used for the Sandisk device?

    I haven't been able to find any driver from Microsoft?
  8. The driver msahci is the MS driver.

    Are you on the the bottom(2 stacked) red ports or top(2 stacked) red ports?

    Your speeds have improved LOTS.
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