How do i overclock gtx 465

I ordered computer with gtx 465 superclocked installed, but how do i overclock them? Do I manually have to tweak the internal programing? Or the card already have overclocking done as a factory setting? Can some one tell me more about overclocking and how it is done. Thank you ~
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  1. If it's the superclocked card then it's pre overclocked. You could definitely get some more out of it though.
  2. If your a total noob at this, I would try evga's own utilty. A lot of us here use MSI afterburner, it works great. But you have to manually change a config file in your installation directory to enable unofficial overclocking.
    ignore the above if you don't have a evga card.
    Here you go
  3. Aren't you satisfy with your current speed?
    I think Superclocked GTX465 is already fast enough...

    You can try MSI afterburner:
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