Just found a Quantum Fireball 6.4

Was just cleaning out my garage, looking for some computer parts, and a stumbled on an older computer, pulled out the hard drive and it was a Quantum Fireball 6.4, 3.5 Series. So I decided to look it up, and I found two ebay sells, and when checking them out, each were selling in the for 100+ dollars. Surprising considering the size being only 6.4 gbs. Either way my question is, for what reason do you think these hard drives were up for sell? They surely can't be expecting to sell them for that price.
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  1. I think they're using those drives in the new BlackBerry.
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    Those hard drives are used for BlueBerry iMac g3 computers. This computers were very popular in their times, around 1999. People still use this type of computers and having those types of hard drives is very rare.
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  4. Thanks guys, I appreciate the information, it was bothering me. Searching for knowledge.
  5. That's funny, I just noticed the HD on the computer I am using now is a Quantum Fireball - PC specs in my sig.
    Didn't realize the crappy disk I installed my OS on was actually worth more than the 60GB data drive....
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