Unlocking Athlon II x 3 Rana CPU Problems

Hey Guys here is the deal. I just built a new PC. I am trying to unlock my Athlon II x3 Rana CPU. I am using the Asus M4A785TD-M EVO Motherboard. I can get the cpu 4th core to unlock in bios, but when i try to get into windows 7 i get a quick blue screen and it statrts all over again. It boots into windows 7 just fine when i am running just the 3 cores.

I tried all kinds of different vcore settings and other adjustments in the bios and still no luck. Maybe you guys can help me get this thing running on all 4 cores and tell me how i should have my bios set right to boot into windows on all 4 cores.

Thank you
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  1. Well the reason AMD has the X3 is because of bad cores, it is just luck if you can unlock, do not count on it!
  2. Yup, looks like your fourth was disabled due to its being defective,
    some will some wont as they say :)
  3. :( Well if thats the case i will swap it with my Phenom II X 4 965 which is a better cpu anyways in my other rig. And try unlocking it with my gigabyte board. I mean actually it has good speed for 3 cores but i was hoping i could unlock it. No big deal.
  4. The CPU is what has a bad core. (not the board) Under clocking it is probably the only chance for it to run on all four.
  5. It's hits or miss trying to unlock cores. From many articles I have read it seems to be about a 50/50 shot at unlocking a stable 4th core on AMD x3s.

    It sounds like you are one of the unlucky ones that has a defective 4th core. Sometimes a voltage increase or underclocking can get the 4th core stable but its a crapshoot.

    I have a rana x 3 that has a stable 4th core at stock speeds but the 4th core will not OC near as high as the original 3. For gaming I am better off with only 3 cores at a higher Oced clock speed.

    If gaming is your thing I wouldnt worry to much about the 4th core and focus more on the potential of the working 3.
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