Two Computers, One external drive. What is the best back up method?

Sorry if this is the wrong place (first post) to post this but I have a question on back ups.

I am in a work environment and person here uses two computers. They also have one 2 TB external hard drive. Currently one computer has a network back up and the other is backed up to the external hard drive. This user would like to have a scheduled backup for both computers to the external hard drive without having to disconnect the external hard drive.

They are using Windows 7 on both machines and they are currently using Windows back up utility. I've seen some solutions but they all seem kinda sloppy. Does anyone know the best cleanest way to do this? And what the best software to use would be?
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  1. I use Syncback - they have free and paid versions depending upon the needs of the user. You need a network share to backup both computers to a single drive attached to the one computer, unless they want to move the drive.
  2. Thanks, I used a network share and then just used Windows Backup to keep things simple.
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