How to search for internet on laptops

how do i search for an acess point on a micron pro 2000 version
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  1. Does it have wireless ? Have you switched the wireless on ?

    Go to Control Panel, Network Connection and click on Wireless Connection.

    This should lead you to a screen which will scan for and display any neighbouring wifi networks.

    You'll then have to refer to the lietrature which came with your router on how to join the network and what to do if it has wireless security enabled.
  2. i clicked control pannel then conection then it says make a new conection and thats all
  3. Well, make the new connection and see what happens.
  4. can i have a micron pros help
  5. hero prease may i have some professional micron windows 200 help
  6. Micron has made quite a few computers, what model do you have, do you even have a wireless card in it? We can't help with just the info you posted, if you want "professinal micron" help, you need to check with that company which I don't think exists as a computer maker.
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