How to remove Norton Ghost from MoBo bios

I tried a google search and could find no reference to this problem so I'm hoping someone on this forum can help me. I'm attempting to install Win 7 on a new SSD Drive. I set the bios to boot from the CD but instead, it boots to a DOS 7.1 Symantec Ghost program. I tried it without a hard drive attached to the MOBO and it still boots to Ghost. I tried shorting the MOBO reset jumpers and it still happens. I can't get it to boot from the CD. Where is the program being stored and how can I erase it? I don't even remember ever using Norton Ghost so i have no idea how it got on the PC.
The motherboard is a Gigabyte GA-890GPA-UD3H if that helps.
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  1. i have never seen ghost inside the nvrom on a MB before... pretty damn kool if it is tho. it sounds like a boot order issue to me. regardless of what the bios might have if you tell it to boot from a disk it should boot. i would put the win7 install on a usb drive and boot from that instead, perhaps something is wrong with the disk or your disk drive where it cant boot? usb install goes faster anyway.
  2. I found the problem. It looks like I was sold a pirate copy of Windows 7 Professional and Symantec Ghost was on the install DVD. I bought it online from what looked like a legit supplier. Even the Hologram looked real. I compared it to a friend's copy of Win7 Professional and the DVD label were not exactly the same. A comparison of the number of files and total size of the DVD's were different. The pirate version had an extra folder and 28 extra files, including one with a GHOST (gho) extension. I should have known that you can't buy a legit copy for $75. Live and learn. I'm glad I had difficulty with it because if it HAD installed Win7, I could have been sending my data to China or Russia.
  3. meh, i doubt it was that jacked that it would have viri all over it. your issue would have been the product key registration. i haven't paid more than 20 bucks for an os in years. if you go to collage or know anyone who does you can buy win7 for real cheap, it was free at ITT Tech. if you work any where with tech you can sign up for microsoft tech zone and get it for like 10 bucks.
  4. Wish I could. I'm 77 years old and have been retired for 10 years. I don't know anyone in college and I never worked in the Tech Sector. I would love to get an MSDN Admin account or a college 'tech zone' account. If anyone could help me in that respect, I would greatly appreciate it.
  5. I found this from other website, windows won't reboot after run Norton Ghost (Norton Systemworks 2003)

    You can try. I hope it can help a little bit.

    My thanks to all who replied here on Tom's Hardware Forum.
    I hope that I will be able to 'pay it forward' and return the favor sometime.
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