I just found an i7 heating problem, and I have some questions

Recently I downloaded the game Deadspace and was playing it. I was noticing a framerate slowdown. With 4g of ram and a Gforce GTX470, I knew this wasn't me not having enough hardware.

I restarted to see if I could improve my framerate, and had a CPU temp error.

In any case, I downloaded some temp programs. It turns out I'm running about 44-55c idle, 70-80 for opening something small like a word file, and it goes to 99% and throttles when I launch a game immediately.

Now, if I had to guess this is because of the sub-par job I did with the thermal paste (I think I used too much) when I first built the PC a few months ago

Here is the thing: I've been hitting this max and 'throttling' for several weeks now. I've already ordered new 'articlean' and new thermal paste and I plan to re paste it and make sure my (post-market non stock) cooling device is working properly. Obviously I plan to use the computer little to not at all until I can fix this.

Here is my question: Has week and weeks (probably months) of running at 99c and being throttled caused long-term damage to my processor? I have not had any blue screens or other symptoms of a bad CPU so far at all. But I'm certain that I've been hitting the 99 degree mark and getting throttled for weeks now. Basically I'm afraid that my processor might have suffered damage that I can't really see and I want to know if I have any long term damage and should consider replacing the processor.

I know I lacked insight for not finding this problem earlier. When I first built it, I messed up spreading the thermal paste a bit and had probably a bit more on there than you're supposed to (not my first build). I had trouble with the push pins too (I hate hate hate pushpins...) But I'm fairly certain my aftermarket fan is sturdy. Thats another reason I'm concerned - my fan is aftermarket and def. nicer than the stock, and I'm still hitting these high temps. From what I read I should be in the 30-40 range idle and maxing out in the 70s. So, anyway, there is little doubt that I have a problem. I'm 85% sure the problem is the poor thermal paste application.

tl;dr I've been throttling and running at 99c on a Pentium i7 Lynnfield LGA 1156 Socket H processor for weeks. The problem is (hopefully, ordered paste) being fixed - do I have longterm damage? Is there anyway to diagnose long term damage?
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  1. You probably shortened the lifespan of it but you shouldn't have done any damage to it, that's the purpose of the cpu temp throttling in bios. These chips maximum core temp is 100*C. That's again why the throttling takes affect and keeps the temp below 100*C. No way to diagnose it.
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