Hp dvd1260 issue

Hello all. I've a weired problem. I've bought HP DVD1260. It works fine till i install chipset (in XP). After that, it won't recognize any cd/dvd but it will restart the system if i try to read them. I'm not getting what to do.
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  1. Did the drivers come on a CD? I am not seeing any driver support from the website.

    Several other persons have had this issue, from what I am seeing. Its definetly a driver issue. This will only get worse. XP is not supported by... really anyone anymore. You may have to upgrade to Seven.

    Don't be afraid of Seven, I have it installed on an old AMD Athlon X2 machine with an E-IDE bus. Works fine.
  2. Thanks groundrat... but i'm afraid of getting system slow with 7. because i'm doing my office work as well in the same system. also i'm not finding drivers for windows 7 for my motherboard... :(
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