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Need Windows 7 Compatible AGP Graphics Card

Last response: in Graphics & Displays
September 8, 2010 5:52:59 AM


I am upgrading a old Dell Dimension 8200 (From 2002) for my parents to use. They are only going to be using it for basic web surfing, video watching, and perhaps very basic gaming. I would like to run Windows 7 on it, but I need a compatible AGP video card. Please suggest a few good cards that will work decently for cheap.

Current System Specifications:

I850E Motherboard
1 gb of RDRAM (Yes, RAMBUS RAM!!!)
80 GB HD
Nvidia ti 4200 (64 mb I believe)
250 or 275W PSU (I have a 500 PSU that I am going to replace it with, just need to cut the case so it will fit)

Additionally, does anyone know if this motherboard supports AGP 8x or just AGP 4x?
September 8, 2010 9:48:32 AM

wa1 said:
From it's reviews says that card compatible with Win 7 and good for basic gaming... :) 

Thank you for the suggestion, however I think that video card costs more than the entire PC system. Additionally, I am pretty sure that the I850E motherboard has a limit of 256 MB for video RAM. I was thinking along the lines of something I can buy off of CL or Ebay. I am looking to spend around $10-$30, if that even...

Oh, and when I said basic gaming, I meant web based flash games or games like solitaire. A video card like the one you suggested would be a over kill, and bottlenecked by everything else in the system probably. Finally, I think that card is WAY over priced.
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September 8, 2010 6:56:37 PM

I just brought a EVGA GFORCE 5200 FX from a guy on CL. I meant him at a gas station, and he was selling a bunch of new, but obsolete computer parts out of his trunk... very shady. Either way, I paid $15 for the card and it was brand new.

It was only a very small upgrade from the Ti4200, and there aren't any official Nividia Windows 7 drivers for it, but at least it can output resolution beyond 800x600 which is what the ti4200 was doing.
a c 189 U Graphics card
September 8, 2010 7:28:20 PM

okay, FX5200 is good.. enjoy your card.. :)